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Sump Pump

Should You Replace A Sump Pump That’s Working Perfectly Fine ?

Your basement or crawl space sump pump is designed to remove water that builds up around your basement or foundation.  Your sump pump activates when it’s float rises activating a built-in micro-switch.  Over time and thousands of on-off cycles this micro-switch wears out rendering the pump useless. Unexpected basement flooding is often what follows.

We recommend that you replace your sump pump every 5 to 6 years even if it appears to be working perfectly because you never know when it’s micro-switch is going to fail ! Although this seems like an unnecessary expense, it is small when compared with the damage caused by a flooded basement or crawl space.

Another thing you should consider is a back-up system in the event of a power failure. This can be a battery type back-up pump or a longer running hydraulic back-up system that relies on ” city ” water pressure to run a separate pump as long as necessary.

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Jackson pictures of slab and carpet March 2014 015

Efflorescence on block wall from leak

Recently on a home inspection in Middletown I discovered mineral deposits (effloresence) on the rear block wall in the garage. It was on no other sections. I thought this strange. I went inside and found a burst pipe in the laundry room. The water had since been shut off and the area cleaned up.

I pulled back carpets on the slab to determine if there were signs of mold. There were none. Who ever cleaned it up did a good job. I thought the carpets should still be replaced though. They were 10 years old and stained.

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Home Appliances

Home appliances include; furnace,air conditioning,water heater,stove/oven dishwasher and washer/dryer. The main appliances like furnace/boiler, water heater and AC(weather permitting) are tested as part of a state licensed home inspection in the state of New Jersey. Some home inspectors will check hook ups, but not actually run appliances. Our company(eastern) will run all appliances if included in sale of home. Plumbing, electrical, venting and gas are important part of these systems. Repair and safety issues are a concern and should be noted on report. In 15 yrs doing home inspections, I have documented numerous washer/dryer and dishwasher failures,including brand new units. Gas dryers need to be vented properly for safety reasons. Plumbing issues can be costly.

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Stab-Lock Panel

Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker Panel Issue Arises As A Result Of A Home Inspection

New Jersey home buyers should be alerted by their home inspection report about the presence of a Federal Pacific – Stab-Lok circuit breaker panel. It’s presence creates a significant safety issue for the new owner of the home.

The concern for this electrical hazard is that the individual circuit breakers may not ” break ” when called on therefore a homeowner is at risk for a serious shock or even a house fire !

The recommendation by Eastern Home Inspections is that prior to the close of your inspection period, the home buyer have a licensed electrician evaluate the panel in question. Most electricians, in my experience, will recommend replacement of the panel .

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home with mag glass

Cold temps and inspections


The relentless cold weather accompanied by record snow falls have kept homebuyers inside and unable to view homes for purchase. When normally we would begin to see a decent increase in activity that phones are quiet.  Home inspections should pick up next week when the temps begin to rise and the snow begins to melt.


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