Should I Have a Pre-Sale Home Inspection ?

Suberban House

My short answer is yes, if you don’t want to be surprised by what your buyer’s home inspection report will reveal and on what you might have to negotiate a lower price on the sale of your home. Most home owners  believe that their homes are in relatively good condition and they are absolutely shocked by what is revealed by a thorough home inspection. When you live in a house for a long period of time and issues arise gradually we tend to overlook or minimize them. I assure you potential buyers will not overlook anything !

During our Pre-Sale Inspections we home inspectors look for plumbing issues such as leaky faucets & dripping drain pipes beneath sinks as well as the bigger issues such as old rusty galvanized drain pipes that could scare a novice buyer.

On the electrical side of things we’ll sometimes  identify aluminum wiring issues to an unaware owner. Your potential buyer’s do not like to see missing GFCI safety outlets at bathroom, kitchen & exterior locations – We will make you aware of any shortcomings !

We will evaluate your roof’s overall condition and more importantly, look closely for any torn shingles, loose flashing or cracked rubber boot covers over waste vent pipes that are potential points of leakage. This will allow you to make minor repairs and diffuse a potential buyer’s request for exorbitant $$$ at closing for roof repairs !

HVAC  systems will be inspected. Any receipts that you have for annual maintenance on these systems should be displayed prominently so that potential buyers recognize that you are the type of owner who takes care of their prize possession, this house.

Grading & drainage around the entire perimeter of the house will be closely evaluated as a part of a pre-sale home inspection because they are often overlooked and they are primary contributors to significant basement problems such as damaged foundations and mold.

With the information derived from a $ 385 Pre-Sale Home Inspection from Eastern Home Inspections you can often expect to save several thousand dollars in negotiations with your home’s buyer and their attorney. You have the leverage – not the buyer !

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