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Has the snow slowed the real estate market in the east?

The  cold temperatures have not kept buyers from looking a prospective homes in NJ. Cold weather by itself  never kept buyers from searching for homes after the holiday season has come and gone. But constant snow does. The conditions created by snow and ice are enough to keep the most agreesive buyers at home.
Everyone’s phones stop ringing; home inspection companies, realtors, lawyers, banks etc.
As a home inspector in NJ it is important to remember that people don’t usually decide not to purchase a home because of a snow storm but rather just push that buying decision down the road to clearer weather. 800-229-3472
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Home inspections in bad weather

Bad weather during a home inspection can be an advantage to an inspector.            

When it is raining active leaks can more easily be found as compared to long term dry weather with old stains.

During or after a snow storm there will be areas of the exterior that will be inaccessible. The most important being the roof. Inspectors can come back after the snow melts but often that may take days or even weeks.

It is important to remember that buyers only have 10 days to get their inspections, so working around bad weather can often use up some of those days.  800-229-3472 

When looking for a qualified home inspector in NJ


When you need the home you are purchasing inspected see if they meet these qualifications.

We have been in business since 1988

We have performed over 100,000 inspections.

We have 7 NJ licensed inspectors.

ASHI certified.

We take pictures of the defects to be included in the report.

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