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Flipped house purchases

A “Flip” is a house that has been purchases by an investor, renovated and then immediately put up for sale by the investor (at a profit ,of course). If you are considering purchasing a flipped house it is very important to have a home inspection by a New Jersey licensed home inspector.

A “flipped” house will be pleasing to look at- fresh paint, new carpet, renovated bathroom- kitchen etc.. Possibly it will also have a new roof ,new heating system etc.  It is the things that you don’t often think about that may have been overlooked. I recently did  a home inspection in Burlington County on a flipped home and found a significant leak in the sewer pipe in the crawl space.  It had been leaking for a while and may also have compromised the foundation wall. On the same house I also noted active knob and tube wiring running up from the basement behind the walls.  It is difficult to obtain homeowners insurance when there is active knob and tube wiring in a home.

If you are considering purchasing a “flip” I encourage you to contact Eastern Home Inspections for a complete inspection of the property we are available 7 days a week

call 800-229-3472  or visit us on the web  www.inspectnj.com

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