Concrete slabs

Concrete slab inspections are an important part of the home inspection service. Some houses are built on a monolithic slab with no expansion joints. Some houses Have adjacent patios,driveways and sidewalks. Concrete can become cracked,heaved, settled or deteriorated for various reasons. If the concrete is poured in adverse weather conditions, shrinkage cracks may occur. Heaving or settling can be a more serious issue. Heaved walks due to tree roots can create an uneven surface and  possible trip hazard(safety issue). Settled patios or sidewalks next to homes can create a negative grade and areas of water ponding.  Ponding water may enter bsmts/crawl spaces. In more severe cases foundation damage may occur. I inspected a condo here in NJ last month and found the newer pergo floor heaved not too far from the exterior patio which was also settled/heaved. Most concrete damage can be repaired by minor repointing with a masonry mix. In more severe cases the services of a qualified masonry contractor would be needed for repair/replacement.

Mike Burla


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